Sleeping Tips
Have a scheduled time for Bed time

It is essential that we go to bed and wake up at a standard time everyday. Consequently, our biological clock will know exactly what time we need to wake up and what time we are ready for bed. By adhering to this procedure definitely you will not feel sleepy or tired during the day but will feel refreshed and energised after a long and good night’s rest.

Avoid the use of Caffeine, Alcohol and Nicotine

Avoid the use of cigarettes, alcohol consumption and caffeine hours before going to bed because it delays sleep rather helping you to sleep faster.

Listening to soft music

Listening to soft music calms your mind and relaxes your body just before bedtime because it puts you in a positive frame of mind, acts as a therapy and it allows the individual to sleep faster.

Have a Comfortable Room

The bedroom should be welcoming, the bed should be inviting making you want to sleep as soon as you rest your body. The mattress should be comfy along with supportive and comfortable pillows and blankets. The room should not be too hot or too cold so that you get to sleep faster without distractions.

Avoid Heavy meals before bed

Do not eat heavy foods just before bed because it can take a longer time for it to digest hence, making you very uncomfortable and delays your sleep. So eat right and sleep right.

Turn off all electronic devices

It is important to note that in order to get quality sleep free from distractions that we turn off cell phones, T.V, computers and other technological devices before going to bed. The place will then be silent and the environment will be conducive for sleeping.

Try meditative technique

Relaxation exercises are always good and healthy for people who are struggling with sleep. “Deep Breathing" which means close your eyes, and try taking deep slow breaths -making each breath deeper than the last one. Always breathe in from your nose and not from your mouth

Visualize a peaceful and restful place

Close your eyes and envision a serene, calm and tranquil place full of beautiful birds and flowers. Contemplate on how relaxed and peaceful this place makes you feel.

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